Nonprofit Newsletter? Nonprofit Publishing? Do you need a comic strip?

I’ve always been generous with Stan ‘N’ Isaac concerning nonprofits as my two feisty characters are a tribute to the newspaper strips I read growing up; a combination of The Peanuts, Calvin ‘N’ Hobbes, and even gag strips like Wizard of Id and B.C..

If you have a need to add material to your publication, enhance your activity page or see a comic strip on this site that you would like to use, let me know at the following email address (I’m posting an image of it to avoid bots). If you have an honorarium or minor donation I’m happy to accept to help cover the costs of drawing these comic strips, but it’s based on your publishing situation and not required. I prefer that nonprofits have fun with the comic strips as most often what they are doing is a labor of love to begin with.

For-profit publications feel free to contact me as well. I’m always reasonable. And if you have a special comic strip you need, let me know. I’ll see what’s possible.


Jeff Swenson

For nonprofits to email Jeff Swenson

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